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Here at JY we love partnering with people who love property just as much as we do - check out some of the people who have benefited from working with Jerry below.

“I'd recommend Jerry to anyone looking to get into property development, whether they're looking for someone that's just there to help get that last 10% right on a project or whether they need help from A to Z” - Craig Harrison

Jerry-YJerry Y - Testimonial

“Jerry has a lot of knowledge in property development, and I consulted with him on all three of my developments. He has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of real estate. It’s a complex area, and there are hurdles along the way, so whether you’re new or experienced, it's always good to have someone who's done it before. When you partner with someone, trust will make or break the relationship. I find Jerry to be a trustworthy person who works hard. Some of the decisions he advised me against making could have cost me money, if not for his advice. I’d highly recommend Jerry to anyone who wants to be a part of the real estate industry.” - Moshe Kapper

Jerry-YJerry Y - Testimonial

"I’ve been developing for many years and Jerry is one of those guys who is a phone call away - I’ve literally rang him about whether I’ve looked at a property as just an initial phase before purchase or I’m in planning stages and I’m just getting feedback on how many bedrooms I should add in there or how I should fit out a property in terms of styling. He has literally been a wealth of resource and knowledge and I’ve used him at any point in time - He’s been amazing! He’s one of those guys I look up to as a mentor." - Rob

Jerry-YJerry Y - Testimonial

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